How to apply



REQUIRED TOOLS TO INSTALL TOKFIX1. Use a cloth to clean the application area.
2. Use a ruler, scissors or utility knife to cut Tokfix.
3. Use an adequate screwdriver to remove outlet covers.INSTALLATION1. Before installing Tokfix, clean and dry the surface, removing dust, dirt or grease. Remove the outlet covers.
2. Start installing from the left-hand corner and from bottom to top.
3. For the TRAVERTINO and BRICK models, from the NATURE line, you should cut the left column, only from the first piece.
4. Peel and stick.
5. Overlap the grout lines and align Tokfix.
CLEANINGUse a wet cloth and neutral soap to clean Tokfix. Do not use abrasive materials or chemical products on the Tokfix.

SAFETY1. If your stove does not have a cover or back panel, be sure to leave a distance of 15 centimeters between the Tokfix coating and your stove, thus avoiding fire.
2. Be careful of electric shock while removing outlet covers.
3. Keep the product out of the reach of children (before application).WHERE TO APPLY1. 1. In interior spaces, Tokfix may be applied directly on the painted or tiled walls, such as in kitchens, laundry and showering areas. It can also be applied on glass, Formica and painted MDF panels.