Tokfix - Self-adhesive coating


Decoration is like fashion. Everything often changes. How can a space be made more fashionable?

Tokfix came about to meet the demands of consumers who wish to live attuned with the world of design, but without giving up on being practical.

Tokfix products fill a gap in the market left by traditional wall covering products, such as glass tessellation, ceramics, stones and metals.

The brand was created based on a growing do it yourself trend, also known the world over as DIY. With the growing demand for this class of products, the Latin American market did not have an industrial scale solution available for self-adhesive coating.

With the idea of making consumers very comfortable when they think about decorating their homes, fashion and design are embedded into Tokfix products. The ability to adapt quickly to trends is at the core of Tokfix product development.

Ready to serve the Latin American market at large scale and always connected with the major trends in fashion and design, Tokfix brings its consumers the solution of rapidly redecorating without having to hire professionals, specific or qualified labor.

At Tokfix, we focus on the best way of serving different patterns and market demands with two main goals: Our clients and the latest design and fashion trends.

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